Have you noticed cracks in your crawlspace or foundation? We may have the perfect solution for you. Carbon fiber wall reinforcement is 10x stronger than steel and can stabilize any way–from the basement sill to the floor or crawlspace–without intensive bolts and anchors.

What is StablWall?

At Triangle Foundation Repair, we use StablWall for our wall bracing. StablWall consists of carbon fiber sheets installed with specially engineered bonding adhesives. The carbon fiber is made from thousands of strands of fiber–all running in the same direction. Once adhered with the wall or structure, the carbon fiber reinforcement becomes one through an intense chemical reaction, making the finished product 10x stronger than steel and 5x stronger than other carbon fiber products on the market.


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StablWall saves up to 6-12” of space a steel beam would take up--and it is 10x stronger.

StablWall can repair cracked crawlspaces, corners, floors, and even stairs.

Carbon fiber strands are now suitable for military, spacecraft, and civil engineering.